Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Delaware Mobile Signings Company! Please read through the following terms and conditions thoroughly with diligence and focus. Using this website further would reflect in your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions. Also, they are subjected to changes at any moment, and your continued usage of the website post changes would be considered as your acceptance of the changes and updates.

Indemnification –

Client shall keep the Delaware Signings Company indemnified and harmless from any claims, expenses, or damages that may arise out of the services performed by the Delaware Signings Company, such as the claims of any customer/borrower for the client occurred by the complete or in-part negligence or deliberate act of the client.

Personal Use –

The material available on this website could only be used for informational purposes. You shall agree upon not sharing, publishing, distributing, modifying, displaying, transmitting, or exploiting the content available on this website at any moment in the time.

Links –

The Delaware Mobile Signings website offers links to several other websites for the convenience of the audience and clients. Neither these websites are affiliated with Delaware, nor are they controlled under Delaware Mobile Signing’s policies. We do not provide endorsement or authentication for any of the content, products, or services present on this website. Delaware Mobile Signings cannot be held responsible for any misconduct, inaccuracy, damages, or losses that may arise because of these linked websites.

Client Agreement –

The client (who's requested on the website) has to pay the complete payment whether or not the loan closes; however, a reduced fee may get negotiated in case of loan cancellation. The basic fee we charge is standard and provided on the website for each different service. However, you may have to pay additional charges if you require extended services such as receiving documents via email or fax, getting an additional set of documents signed, receiving pickup and delivery services for documents, or getting bilingual copies of a document signed, etc. Every kind of shipping charge that might get involved in the process is the responsibility of the client. Delaware Mobile Signings wouldn't be paying any such charges on your behalf. Delaware Mobile Signings do not charge any cancellation fee if you've canceled the signing within a reasonable period of time. In case the documents have been already copied, printed, picked up, or the signing process has begun, the applicable fee would be charged. In case Delaware Mobile Signings has to come back to the client's home for getting an error fixed been caused by our agent, we wouldn't charge you any additional fee. However, if a client needs us to visit again to correct an error, that's beyond our responsibility; they would be additionally charged as per the trip and the additional services required. Full payment of the hired services shall be made upon the cancelation, closing, or in 15 days from the date of signing, whichever happens first. If you're unable to pay the full payment within 60 days of the signing, a late fee of up to 10% of your actual fee would be added to the outstanding balance per month. All the notary signing professionals and agents are from the safe and secure database of Delaware Mobile Signings. The client shall not ask them or affiliate them with any personal business interest, either directly or indirectly. The client shall not contact any such agent who's worked for them in the recent or current past via personal means.

Password Confidentiality –

As soon as you register at the Delaware Mobile Signings for any of the services your desire, we'll issue you a password upon registration. Your sheer responsibility is to keep the confidentiality of your password secure, and you hold the responsibility for all the actions that might have occurred under your password. In case any illegal or unauthorized activity occurs using your password, Delaware Mobile Signing will not hold any responsibility for it by any means.

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